The commercial value of energy (1)

If you study physics or feel luck, take a look at this, and at this video. He enjoys playing with Tesla-like phenomena and equipment. He's made remarkable re-discoveries, though he doesn't know really how it works. But it works.
There's one slight problem. He is just not commercially interesting.

Look around you: do you see anything that lasts more than 5 years? What's the most durable object or desire you can buy today? 30 years? The world economy at the moment just doesn't seem to be able to cope with long-lasting technologies.
Think about great inventions for daily use. For example Gillette, only "hit it on" when it became disposable. The key word in today's economy is rotation. The world is a supermarket where the only non-changing technologies are the technologies that provide the very bases of rotation of goods and desire of goods.

There are hundreds of on-line videos about him. Just try googling Hutchison Effect and you'll have lots of boring videos to watch. Here's one in a News format, less boring:

Here is a boring format, but with the real thing. Why does it have to be boring? This guy and his friends are not into selling really.

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